The Emotionally Abusive Relationship, Beverly Engel
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The Emotionally Abusive Relationship
How to Stop Being Abused and How to Stop Abusing, 2nd Edition

Author: Beverly Engel

Narrator: Tanya Eby

Unabridged: 10 hr 21 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/24/2023


In the second edition of The Emotionally Abusive Relationship: How to Stop Being Abused and How to Stop Abusing, internationally recognized therapist Beverly Engel walks listeners through a proven program designed to help then get to the core of their unhealthy behavior patterns. This book was written specifically for two types of couples—those who mutually abuse each other and those with abusive partners who are willing to honestly look at themselves to and make the necessary changes to stop abusing. Engel focuses on both the abused person and the abuser, offering non-judgmental advice to both groups. She offers effective strategies, techniques, and information to end abusive behaviors, including: ● Why some people are attracted to abusive people and vice versa ● Patterns created from childhood neglect and abuse and how to break them ● Determining if you or your partner suffers from a personality disorder ● How to decide whether to continue the relationship or end it The Emotionally Abusive Relationship is essential for those involved in unhealthy relationships or who have loved ones trapped in an emotionally abusive situation.