Gift Ideas for Audiobook Lovers

by Emily Roberts on September 22, 2023

Audiobook Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for an audiobook lover can be challenging, but don’t worry, AudiobooksNow has you covered. AudiobooksNow offers 3 convenient and flexible ways to give audiobooks as a gift.

Ways to Give Audiobooks as a Gift:

  • Give any Audiobook or Audiobooks as a Gift
  • Audiobook Gift Certificates
  • Audiobook Gift Plan

You can give any specific audiobook or audiobooks to someone as a gift by simply using the “Give As Gift” button for any audiobook. Find the “Give As Gift” button on the details page of any audiobook by click on the title or jacket cover of the book. You may add as many audiobooks to your gift cart as you’d like. Choose to print a gift certificate to put in a card or give in person, or, email the recipient. If emailing the recipient, you can to send the email instantly, or choose a specific date in the future. Adding a personal note to the email is also an option.

Auidobook gift certificates can be given in $5 increments starting at $10 and going up to $200. This allows the recipient to choose their own audiobooks for the ultimate flexibility. After redeeming a gift certificate, the dollar amount will be applied to the users account as a credit and automatically debited at checkout when making a purchase. Gift certificate balances cannot be used for club fees. AudiobooksNow gift certificates can also be printed or email.

AudiobooksNow offers their Annual Club Pricing Plan as a gift. This gift plan gives the recipient an entire year of club benefits. Benefits include, 50% off any 12 audiobooks, deep discounts on everything else purchased, including gifts, double reward points, and access to exclusive sales. This Annual Club Pricing Gift Plan does not start until redeemed.

Purchasing Digital Audiobooks in Bulk

by Emily Roberts on August 15, 2023

How to Purchase Digital Audiobooks in Bulk

AudiobooksNow offers a simple and convenient way for organizations of any sizes to purchase audiobooks in bulk. Weather you need 10 copies or 10,000 copies, AudiobooksNow makes it fast and easy. Any origination can apply for AudiobooksNow’s free Bulk Audiobook Purchasing Program that allows you to purchase multiple copies of any audiobook.

Organizations have the option to simply enter a number of licenses they want or paste the names and email addresses of the recipients and let their system handle everything. If you choose to enter a number, you’ll receive that number of licenses that you can give to anyone at any time. If you choose the custom option, you can paste the names and email address of the recipients and AudiobooskNow will email the instructions to redeem the audiobook along with other helpful information. You even have the option to add a personal note to the email. In your account, you’ll have the ability to manage the recipients, see who has or has not redeem their audiobook, regift unredeemed audiobooks to others, and resend reminder emails to redeem them. Weather you choose the simple or custom option the licenses will never expire so there is no time limit on when you used them.

Common reasons to purchase audiobooks in bulk:

  • Employee Training
  • Conference Attendees
  • Corporate Book Clubs
  • Student Learning
  • Employee Motivation
  • Employee Inspiration

By default, AudiobooksNow’s free Bulk Audiobook Purchasing Program offers a 35% discount, but notify them of any purchases over 100 and they’ll reach out to the publisher and try to negotiate a deeper discount. AudiobooksNow can also turn multiple licenses to redeem an audiobook into a single code for convenience. This allows organizations to send one code to multiple recipients that can be redeemed multiple times. AudiobooksNow can also turn the links to redeem an audiobook into QR codes which makes it more convenient for recipients.

FAQ about AudiobooksNow’s Bulk Purchasing Program:

  • Are we able to gift specific titles in bulk and print individual certificates for them? Yes, any audiobook you purchase in bulk received unique Gift IDs that can be printed with instructions and given to recipients.
  • What’s the minimum purchase for a bulk order? There is no minimum for bulk purchases, while the program is designed for purchasing audiobooks in bulk, it’s common for organizations to come back later and purchase an additional copy. Maybe a new employee was just hired for example.
  • How long will it take to receive the codes to redeem the audiobook once I place my bulk order. Orders are fulfilled instantly so you’ll have immediate access to the redeem codes.
  • Will users have to set up an account to redeem their gift? Yes, users will have to set up a free account in order to redeem their audiobook. The only information required to set up a free account is name, email address, and password.

AudiobooksNow is flexible so if there is anything not covered in this article that you’d like to see as an option, or simply have a question about the program, do not hesitate to contact them.

Click here to learn more about AudiobookNow’s Bulk Purchasing Program

Audiobook Month 2023 Is Here!

by Emily Roberts on June 1, 2023

Audiobook Month 2023 Promotion

Find your next great audiobook at an incredibly low price today! Visit AudiobooksNow Specials now.

Audiobook Month 2022 Celebration

by Emily Roberts on June 6, 2022

June is Audiobook Month! AudiobookNow is running mega sales all month long in celebration:

Audiobook Month 2021

Sleep & Meditation Audio

by Emily Roberts on March 15, 2022

Carbon Unwind Logo

AudiobooksNow has partnered with Carbon Unwind to bring you sleep and meditation audio. Most people have trouble getting a good night sleep, especially in these stressful pandemic times. Inspired by nature and the outdoors, Carbon Unwind has created content to help you get a better nights sleep. You can purchase this sleep and meditation content al-a-cart or gain unlimited access to the entire sleep and meditation library included in our Club Pricing Plan at no extra cost. There is also content designed specifically for kids.

What are Digital Audiobooks?

by Emily Roberts on October 25, 2021

Digital Audiobooks

Let’s start by saying what digital audiobooks are not. They are not book on tape or audio books on CD. Books on tape are extinct and audio books on CD are right behind them. They do not even make cars with CD players in them anymore so it is just a matter of time before CDs follow cassette tapes.

Now let’s talk about what digital audiobooks are. Digital audiobooks are audiobooks in some type of digital audio file format, the most common format being MP3. MP3 files are compressed audio files that offer small file size and great sound quality. Audiobooks in digital format can be downloaded or streamed from a website on a desktop or laptop computer, or through apps on mobile devices, Apple iPhone or iPad for example. Three advantages of digital audiobooks over other formats:


  • Instantly Download
  • Instantly Stream
  • Download and burn to CDs

One of the main advantages of digital over other formats is being able to instantly access the audiobook after purchasing. Digital requires no shipping time or cost and are less expensive than other formats. Another advantage is portability. Downloading them to a smartphone or tablet allows you to easily take your audiobooks on the go. Using your devices built in speaker, headphones, or Bluetooth gives you multiple was to listen. Most automobiles these days have built in Bluetooth capabilities so you can pair your mobile device with your automobile and use the internal speakers to listen to your audiobooks.

Other advantages of digital is the ability to take your entire audiobook library with you on the go that fits in the palm of your hand. You also do not have to worry about swapping CDs or cassette tapes in and out or scratching or losing them. The MP3 files can even be download and listen to on a thumb drive, MP3 player, or any app of your choice. Here are 5 more advantages of digital audiobooks:

More Advantages

  • No shipping time or expense
  • They are less expensive
  • There are more ways to listen to them
  • Take your entire audiobook library with you on the go
  • No swapping, scratching, or losing CDs or tapes

We have covered a lot of advantages of audiobooks in digital format and that points out a lot of disadvantages of other audio book formats. Because of many advantages of digital, publishers are making less and less audio books on CD. This trend is expected to continue and audio books on CD will eventually be phased out like books on tape. To browse AudiobooksNow’s selection of over 180,000 digital audiobooks, please use the link below:

Browse AudiobooksNow’s Selection

Audiobook Month 2021!

by Emily Roberts on June 1, 2021

June is Audiobook Month! Visit AudiobookNow all month long for mega sales and special promotions:

Audiobook Month 2021

June is Audiobook Month!

by Emily Roberts on June 3, 2020

Audiobook Month 2020

Check out all the great specials we have going on this month in celebration of audiobook month.

Audiobook Month 2019!

by Emily Roberts on June 8, 2019

Audiobook Month 2019 Promo

June is Audiobook Month. Find your next great listen at AudiobooksNow today!

Audiobook Challenge

It is easy to find a multitude of reading challenges for any given year, genre, or topic on the Internet. While some might work for you and ultimately prove successful, others may not work for your reading style. Challenges are a fun way to expand your reading and expose you to a wide array of books, authors, and genres, that you may not have been exposed to before. So, how do you create a reading challenge that works best for you? Read on to learn how to create your own reading challenge.

Take Stock
The best place to begin designing your own reading challenge is to take note of books that you have read previously. Whether you use a website, spreadsheet, notebook, or another method to keep track of all your books, review what you have been able to read in the past year or two. If you have an account with AudiobooksNow or another platform for downloading audio books, you can easily find the number and type of books you’ve listened to recently. Count how many books you’ve completed for a good jumping off point. Do you want to read the same amount you’ve read previously? You do you want to read more? Less? Do you want to try reading different genres? New authors? Knowing what you have read will help you determine how many and what types you want to include in your reading challenge.

Set a Goal
If you’ve been thinking about creating your own reading challenge, you might already have goals in mind. Or you may not have a clue what you want your goal to be. And that’s okay too; you can still create your own reading challenge. The most important thing is to set realistic goals. Knowing how many books you’ve read in years past will provide you with a realistic expectation of what you can accomplish this year. If your goal is to read more, try aiming for 5-10 more.

Pick a Tracking Method
While it may seem obvious if you want to have a successful challenge you’re going to have to know if you are meeting your goals. Find a tracking method that works for you. There are websites, apps, and widgets that can help keep track of your reading. If you’d prefer not to use an online option, you can create a simple spreadsheet or write down the books that you read in a notebook. Find a method that works for you and is convenient for you, otherwise, you won’t consistently use it.

Read! (or Listen)
Now that you have set goals and are prepared to track them, you are ready for the most important part of your challenge: reading! When selecting books to read, keep your challenge and goals in mind and select books that excite you.

Whether your goals are to read more physical books or enjoy downloading audio books to read on the go, the important thing is to enjoy the journey of reading and discovering new books. Check out Audiobooks Now and discover your next favorite book!