Valentines Exile, E.E. Knight
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Valentine's Exile

Author: E.E. Knight

Unabridged: 8 hr 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/01/2020


In a valiant rebellion against a half century of occupation by the Kurians, the newly formed Texas Republic and Ozark Free Territory have dealt the vampiric aliens their first major defeat. Resistance member David Valentine is revered as a hero for his part in fighting to regain Earth''s freedom. But a dangerous enemy within his own ranks soon has Valentine facing charges for his handling of the Quisling prisoners - humans who have become pawns of the Kurians in order to survive. When former Quisling - and now loyal freedom fighter - William Post is badly wounded, he asks Valentine to find his wife, who has vanished into the darkness of the Kurian Order. With the help of old friends and new allies, Valentine traces her to a mysterious, heavily guarded compound in Ohio. And what Valentine finds within will shake his sanity to its very core...  Performed by Ken Jackson, Tim Getman, Lily Beacon, Richard Rohan, Christopher Graybill, Scott McCormick, Joseph Thornhill, Katrina Van Duyn, Elisabeth Demery, Drew Kopas, Daniel Gavigan, Mort Shelby, Terence Aselford, Eric Messner, Elisabeth Jernigan, Karen Novak, Thomas Penny, Tom Simpson, Tim Carlin, Dylan Lynch, Nanette Savard, Sunny Lasskey, Britt Herring, Nick Depinto, Sherri Simpson, Casie Platt, Thomas Keegan, Ren Casey, Yasmin Tuazon, Michael Glenn, David Coyne, Johann Dettweiler, Barbara Pinolini, Ted Stoddard.