Speedrunning the Multiverse 3, adastra339
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Speedrunning the Multiverse 3
A LitRPG Cultivation Adventure

Author: adastra339

Narrator: Graham Halstead

Unabridged: 18 hr 24 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/07/2024


This is Dorian’s final run, and the fate of the Multiverse hangs in the balance.
Dorian is royally screwed.
He’s stuck in Hell. He’s lost access to all his past lives’ Godking bodies. He’s being hunted by an arch nemesis who’s rapidly devouring the Multiverse. And if he dies, that’s it. No more respawns.
He has to gain enough power to rival the strongest force the Multiverse has ever seen—in record time. While being chased across Hell by some of the most nefarious bounty hunters in the Multiverse. He’ll have to battle demon Empires, wade through impenetrable monster-infested swamps, and steal the crown jewel of Hell’s most powerful merchant’s kingdom right out from under their noses. And all he has on his side is a happy-go-lucky monkey-girl more interested in food than fighting.
… Admittedly, it’s not looking good.
Then again. Dorian’s at his best with the odds stacked against him.
Book three of this exciting LitRPG cultivation adventure about an ancient God who's reached the apex of his power progression and has decided to reincarnate multiple times to try and speedrun the Dao and reach the peak of cultivation.