How to Get Over Your Best Friends ..., Kristi McManus
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How to Get Over Your (Best Friend's) Ex

Narrator: Carly Robins

Unabridged: 8 hr 16 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/11/2024


Hannah has never been “that girl”, the one everyone looks at, the one everyone talks about. She is “that girl’s” best friend. But when Hannah meets Seth, the handsome and charming newcomer, she wonders if, for once, she might be chosen first. Until Braelyn and Seth meet, and Braelyn sweeps his attention away as only she can. Hannah is left to watch the first boy she’s ever truly liked date not only someone else but her best friend.When Seth unexpectedly breaks up with Braelyn, she is hysterical. Braelyn is used to ruling the school with a Gucci-clad fist, but her first taste of heartbreak leaves her questioning herself. Hannah decides to help her get over her recent heartbreak using the '6 easy steps to get over a guy' while secretly walking herself through the process to move on fromSeth once and for all. Because she and Braelyn have rules. Because their rules are sacred and ensure their friendship lasts. Because even though he is no longer dating Braelyn, you never, ever date your best friend’s ex.But getting over Seth is easier said than done when Hannah learns that she is the reason for the breakup and Seth has feelings for her. What will she choose? The friend who has been by her side all along, or the boy who makes her feel like she’s more than just the popular girl’s best friend?