Fortunate Son, Jay Crownover
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Fortunate Son

Author: Jay Crownover

Unabridged: 7 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/22/2022


Ry Archer and Bowe Keller are as different as night and day. That doesn't mean they don't share similar struggles. At the moment, both are realizing the reality of getting closer to reaching their dreams is not living up to all the hype. The childhood cohorts always seem to connect when one of them needs help. They might constantly rub each other the wrong way (except for when they rubbed each other really-really right), but there is no denying they've always made one hell of a team. For Ry, he thought he had the perfect girl. He was going to marry young and have the same kind of legendary, lifelong romance his parents did . . . or so he believed. His girl was going to stand by his side as he chased his dream of being a professional football player in the NFL. He was wrong. Bowe's about to figure out that maybe she wasn't meant to be in a rock and roll band and that it is entirely possible she let her father's dream and road to success cloud her own idea of what making music should be. Bowe needs to find her own way to fame, and there's a good chance she wouldn't be brave enough or bold enough to start over if Ry Archer hadn't pushed his way back into her life when she least expected it.