Weird Tales Magazine No. 367, Jonathan Maberry
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The first issue in the second century of Weird Tales features a new HELLBOY story by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. Editor Jonathan Maberry has built a collection of cosmic horror that will destabilize your worldview.“The Eyrie” by Jonathan Maberry“The City in the Sea: A Hellboy Story” by Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola“When the Stars Are Right: The Weird Tales Origins of Cosmic Horror” by Nicholas Diak“A Ghost Story for Christmas” by Paul Cornell“The Forest Gate” by Samantha Underhill“Night Fishing” by Caitlin R. Kiernan“The Traveler” by Francesco Tignini“Cosmic vs Abrahamic Horror” by F. Paul Wilson“The Last Bonneville” by F. Paul Wilson“Lost Generations” by Angela Yuriko Smith“Concerto in Five Movements” by Ramsey Campbell“Mozaika” by Nancy Kilpatrick“Inkblot Succubus” by Nikki Sixx“Laid to Rest” by Tim Lebbon“Call of the Void - L’appel du vide” by Carol Gyzander