The Sum of All Fears, Tom Clancy
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The Sum of All Fears

Author: Tom Clancy

Narrator: Scott Brick

Unabridged: 38 hr

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/25/2011


Against all odds we have made it into the last half of the 1990s. The Cold War looks solved, Arabs and Jews are talking, confrontation is on the wane. In this new harmony, one discord -- what becomes of unemployed terrorists?

You can bet they aren't going to retire quietly. Shunned by the Soviets, isolated by Middle Eastern realignment, one cadre hits on a scheme to jump-start the war machine. It's brilliant in its simplicity. With a single act they bring the world to nuclear boil. Jack Ryan and Dan Murray sweat to defuse a cataclysmic response.

From the Compact Disc edition.