The Psychic Crossroads Series Collect..., Anna Durand
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The Psychic Crossroads Series Collection
Books 1-3

Author: Anna Durand

Unabridged: 35 hr 10 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/03/2024


Dive into the crossroads, a metaphysical plane where some psychics will do anything to seize control of the ultimate power.Grace Powell awakened one day with no memory of the previous eight months. Now, a relentless enemy hunts her. But blinded by amnesia, she has no clue why. Until a sexy stranger appears out of thin air—literally. David Ransom insists on protecting her, but as they grow closer, the danger intensifies.The journey into the unknown began in the first two books. But just as Grace and David’s lives settle down, the unthinkable happens.A psychic terrorist attack propels Sean Vandenbrook to take drastic action to save his friends, David and Grace. Sean kidnaps Kira Magnusson, the beautiful girl at the heart of the explosion. As the shocking truth about both their pasts is unearthed, they must overcome their demons to unravel a vast conspiracy—and somehow live to expose it.This three-book compilation will take you on a pulse-pounding journey into the crossroads, where metaphysical energy lives and breathes, and where talented psychics learn to harness their powers.The Psychic Crossroads Series Collection features Willpower and Intuition (David and Grace’s stories) as well as Kinetic.