The Leaves In Autumn, Leslie Pike
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The Leaves In Autumn

Author: Leslie Pike

Unabridged: 6 hr 49 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Leslie Pike

Published: 12/13/2022


A man saddled with grief, who isn’t looking for love… A fiercely independent single woman…And a friendship that should never become more…AargonI’m not looking for love. Hell, I can barely see my way through to the end of every day, but I do it for my son. What choice do I have? Not exactly what I planned for my life, but this is where things ended up.The one bright spot is my best friend, my favorite sparring partner, the funniest person I know, and the only woman who seems able to accept me without demanding more than I can give. Barbra.And yeah, she’s sexy. But she’s leaving, and friends is all we can ever be.BarbraBeing Aargon’s sister-in-law’s sister doesn’t make us blood. But it does mean we’ll be in each other’s lives… pretty much forever.And that’s only reason number one why giving in to our desires would be a terrible idea. Reason number two? I’m months away from the trip I’ve been planning my whole life. I’m moving to Europe, and I have no plans to return.But now? Europe’s shine has faded next to the spark and joy I feel igniting between us.Leaves in Autumn is a single dad, opposites attract standalone contemporary romance with a happily ever after.