The Innocent Man, John Grisham
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The Innocent Man
Murder and Injustice in a Small Town


Author: John Grisham

Narrator: Craig Wasson

Unabridged: 11 hr 48 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/10/2006


When Ron Williamson signed with the Oakland A’s in 1971, he said goodbye to his hometown of Ada and left to pursue his dreams of big-league glory. Six years later he was back, his dreams broken by a bad arm and bad habits. He moved in with his mother and slept twenty hours a day on her sofa.
In 1982, a twenty-one-year-old cocktail waitress in Ada named Debra Sue Carter was raped and murdered, and for reasons that were never clear, they suspected Ron Williamson and his friend Dennis Fritz. The two were arrested and charged with capital murder.
The prosecution’s case was built on junk science and the testimony of jailhouse snitches and convicts. Dennis Fritz was found guilty and given a life sentence. Ron Williamson was sent to death row.
If you believe that in America you are innocent until proven guilty, this audiobook will shock you. If you believe in the death penalty, this book will disturb you. If you believe the criminal justice system is fair, this book will infuriate you.

Author Bio

John Ray Grisham, Jr. was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas on February 8, 1955. Grisham graduated from Mississippi State University and later from the University of Mississippi School of Law in 1981. He was a practicing criminal attorney for over ten years and then served in the House of Representatives from 1984 to 1990. He published his first novel in 1989 after working on it for five years. ‘A Time to Kill’, his first novel, launched his new career and was later made into a major motion picture. His first bestseller, ‘The Firm’, released in 1991, sold over seven million copies and was made into a box office hit starring Tom Cruise two years later. Almost twenty years later in 2012, a TV series was launched and picks up the life of Mitch McDeere and his family ten years after the events of the novel.

John Grisham has had his novels translated into more than forty languages and has sold nearly 300 million copies worldwide. He is a winner of the prestigious Galaxy British Book Award and is one of only three authors (the other two being Tom Clancy and J.K. Rowling) to ever sell two million copies of a first published novel. Nine of his novels (including ‘The Firm and ‘A Time to Kill’ have been made into major motion pictures.


AudiobooksNow review by Hoot Purple on 2007-04-09 20:32:23

Slow moving. Repeats the story over and over. You can find a better John Grisham to read

AudiobooksNow review by Lisa on 2007-05-06 13:01:31

I had a hard time getting absorbed by this one...I did not recommend it to my friend who often commutes while tired, I thought this reader might put her to sleep. But I stuck with it and by the end of disc 3 I was hooked. It is a lesson about our judicial system I will never forget. I was on the fence regarding the death penalty before listening to this book, now I'm definitely opposed to it. It is a true story, so naturally the facts have to be represented which makes it less entertaining than a purely 'made up' story, but in the end I had to give it 4 stars.

AudiobooksNow review by Diane on 2007-08-02 22:43:25

I didn't realize, when I first started the book, that it was to be a do***entary. I found it hard to get into at first and was disappointed as I am a big Grisham fan. However, once it dawned on me that it was, in fact, a true story, I listened with a 'different ear'. This, especially since I personally know someone in jail for something he didn't do. Because of my personal experience I could truely relate to the story and to the legal machinations. I was on the fence regarding the death penalty when I first met the innocent man I know and through that experience became guardedly against it. Now, after hearing this stroy, I will argue against anyone that is pro death penalty. This book provided everything I needed to understand completely the real issues at stake. It also, however, deepened dramatically, my belief that our judicial system needs a serious overhaul. I am going to the bookstore and buying at least a dozen copies of this book and gifting it a number of people I know could use an awakening. Grisham came through in spades!!!

AudiobooksNow review by Ruth on 2007-08-08 22:17:00

This is a very boring book! It is the fitst time I had to stop listening and send a book back. Sorry.