The Fake Fiances Billionaire Adversa..., Bree Livingston
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The Fake Fiance's Billionaire Adversary
A Caprock Canyon Romance Book Two

Narrator: Lorana Hoopes

Unabridged: 4 hr 40 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/31/2022


He wants her family’s bed and breakfast.She wants him to take a flying leap.But what’s a guy to do when he’s been telling his family that he’s got a fiance?One who doesn’t exist?Reagan Loveless is long on attitude and short on funds. After taking over her family’s business, it seems what can go wrong, will go wrong. With the equity line spent, her credit cards maxed, and no reservations, she can see the end of the road…and the sign says, “Foreclosure.” At least until the annoyingly handsome Hunter West proposes a wild idea that could save everything she’s worked for.It’s Christmas, and Hunter West’s mom is expecting him to bring home his fiance. Only he doesn’t have one. He’s made her up to keep his nosy, meddling sister out of his love life. Now his options are to come clean or find a fiance, and there’s only one woman that comes to mind—the one he thinks might be desperate enough to maybe consider it.Will a little holiday cheer bring them the one thing they haven’t been looking for?Listen now!