Summary Outlive, Liam Daniels
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Summary: Outlive
The Science and Art of Longevity

Author: Liam Daniels

Narrator: Graham Lincoln

Unabridged: 1 hr 40 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/29/2024

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Do you often think about your old age in fear over what your physical and emotional abilities may be like? Wondering what you can do to prevent or even delay the onset of chronic or life-threatening diseases? Or, perhaps, you are simply after a highly effective, medicine-free approach to living a long, healthy, and joyful life.If your answer to any of these is “yes,” good news is just a click away. With Dr. Peter Attia’s Medicine 3.0, you can increase not only your life span but also your health span. You can add more happy, healthy years to your life.Chronic illnesses have become a global pandemic, affecting one in three adults worldwide, but you don't have to be part of these alarming statistics since there is a lot you can do. In Peter Attia's original work, he offers amazing insights into how you can prevent the onset of what he refers to as the Four Horsemen. If you have the time, we recommend that you read it. However, if you want to dive right into the practical aspect of it, this summary is for you. It provides you with all of Attia's wisdom in a clear, comprehensive, and condensed manner—without missing anything important!You will get:To-the-point chapter summaries conveniently divided into subsections for easy navigation.A list of main key takeaways that serve as refreshing reminders for each chapter's core message.What the difference between slow and long deaths are, and why you should do what you can to avoid a slow death.How to create strategies and tactics to implement Medicine 3.0 in your life.The dangers of the Four Horsemen and why you should do whatever you can to avoid them.How you can improve your life and increase your life span and health span.And much more!Grab your copy today to start your journey to improving your health to reach longevity.