Stone Cold, HB Jacks
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Stone Cold
A Paranormal Gargoyle Romance

Author: HB Jacks

Unabridged: 9 hr 11 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/20/2024


Three massive stone gargoyles. Monsters all. And now I belong to them. I didn't ask to be rescued. I was doing fine on my own, even if I had just lost my job, dumped my ex and taken a wrong turn down a dark alley. So when Carrarr thinks I need saving and sweeps me up in his huge claws, what am I supposed to do? Say no to this damaged, vicious, and sweet as candy gargoyle who only wants to prove to his mates he's worthy of their love? Mates who include Viriroz, one growly grump of a gargoyle, all dominant and possessive, and the sinful Garaz who looks at me like he wants to eat me. Whole. These are powerful monsters with a dangerous job to do, protecting the human world from the things that slither in the dark, but they need a final female mate to complete their roost and produce their heirs. All of which means I have to decide whether to stay with these delicious, feral males who love to share a bed and each other, or whether to condemn the rest of the world to the darkness. But I have to make the choice, because the war is coming and it might just rip us apart before we even begin. Contains mature themes.