Stabbing Stephanie, Evan Marshall
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Stabbing Stephanie

Author: Evan Marshall

Narrator: Tanya Eby

Unabridged: 7 hr 43 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/17/2023


Book agent extraordinaire Jane Stuart finally crawls out from under a stack of unread manuscripts. She starts a much-needed vacation, when her late husband's cousin, Stephanie, calls. She's about to start a new job in Shady Hills and wants to stay with Jane for a few days. Stephanie's new job as book editor is at the hot new publishing house in house. Run by Shady Hills' very own jet-setter, Faith Carson, and her dashing businessman husband, Gavin Hart, it specializes in celebrity bios. No sooner does Stephanie unpack her file folders at the publisher than it's obvious something fishy is going on. No one seems to be doing their job and they spend most of their time slamming doors. When Stephanie's body is found in a Dumpster with a knife in her back, Jane goes undercover at the publisher to find the killer who doesn't care much for the finer points of punctuation. Jane tries hard to keep her mouth shut so she can fit in among the beautiful blue bloods and literary snobs on staff. Someone there is a killer with an eye for more than just making the New York Times bestseller list. This polished murderer wants to turn Jane and her trusted tortie Winky into the next true-crime bestseller.