Savior of His Kind, Dan Sugralinov
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Savior of His Kind

Series: Sidus #3

Narrator: Brian Wiggins

Unabridged: 11 hr 22 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/14/2024


A Month Ago, I Was an Average Guy on Earth. Now, the Fate of the Galaxy Rests in My Hands. Life had dealt me a tough hand as an unemployed and disabled individual on Earth, but an unexpected twist of fate hurled me to Sidus. Picture this: a bustling nexus in space where advanced extraterrestrial races converge, having survived the grueling tests of ancient forebearers. Amidst them all, I stood out. The Sentience of Sidus identified me as a unique entity—the first of my kind and the chosen protector. My roles shifted dramatically—from the mighty dragon at the helm of the Triad and an esteemed agent to being romantically involved with Earth's president's sister. But life has its highs and lows. Cast back into societal shadows, I now helm a motley crew of misfits. Our mission? Not just to champion justice but to wage a race against time, ensuring the survival of our species—and possibly the entire galaxy.