Sacking the Montecristo, Michael Anderle
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Sacking the Montecristo

Unabridged: 7 hr 37 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/16/2024


The void of space is dark and full of pirates. Holston Zakarian spent his entire life dedicated to shrinking the time it took to move objects from one place to another. With one invention, he became the richest man on Kalypso. But using his vast resources to shape the future was easy when weighed against the task of preparing his two sons to build on his legacy. There's nothing as dangerous as a jilted lover with the resources to make a man squirm. Edward Zakarian grew up in the lap of luxury on Kalypso. Despite all of his advantages, Edward can't avoid the largest landmine in the galaxy. Not that he thinks about Bianca LuClaire now he has Mercedes on his arm. In battle, only the final outcome matters. Christian Zakarian is tired of playing second fiddle to his undeserving, playboy brother. Edward may be older than him, but the corporation should go to the best man for the job. To take his brother out of the running and get what he rightfully deserves, Christian turns to the one person who wants to get back at Edward more than he does. Bianca Luclaire. The fate of the galaxy rests in their hands. Who will prove to be the better man?