ReWined Volume Three, Kim Karr
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ReWined: Volume Three

Author: Kim Karr

Series: e

Narrator: Ava Lucas

Unabridged: 3 hr 29 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/21/2019


There are three guaranteed ways to ruin a perfectly unstable marriage: 1. Tell your beautiful new bride shes the devil. 2. Tie one on, and dont come home. 3. Oh, and lets not forget, uncover family secrets that rock both of your worlds. I really need a rewind because now my temporary wife is pissed as hell and wants a quickie divorce. Wooing her is my plan. Sending flowers, writing love notes, and even serenading her are some of the sure-fire methods Ive learned from watching her favorite romantic comedies. In all of those films, one grand gesture leads to the woman falling at her mans feet, cueing sappy music and epic make-up sex. Too bad my girl isnt following the script. Short of riding in on a white horse, Im at a loss of how to win her back. Unless Every girl dreams of a Prince Charming, right? Well, I can redefine myself, and turn this party boy into one. She insists its impossible. I disagree.