Redefining Possible, Ron  Alford
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Redefining Possible
Proven Strategies to Break Belief Barriers and Create Your New Normal

Narrator: Dan Moore

Unabridged: 4 hr 53 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/17/2021


It's easy to feel stuck in the grind, struggling to simply get through the day, especially as we all try to define a new normal. But what if you could start achieving your goals and living with purpose? Authors Dustin Hillis and Ron Alford can show you how. As record-breaking business coaches and sales leaders, Hillis and Alford have helped thousands of people realize their dreams, including hundreds of top leaders and executives. They share their proven formula for goal-setting and personal success in their book Redefining Possible: Proven Strategies to Break Belief Barriers and Create Your New Normal. The authors' seven success strategies will provide you with a blueprint for creating a happier and more fulfilling life. You'll redefine your potential with strategic activities and actionable tools. Learn how to get unstuck by using the RAFT technique. Uncover and break belief barriers by rewiring your inner dialogue with positive self-talk and targeted affirmations. And be inspired with relatable anecdotes from high achievers who demonstrate what can happen when you live a life of intention. Redefining Possible challenges listeners to take an honest look at their lives and ask, "What would happen if I stopped holding myself back . . . and started believing that I really can achieve everything I desire?"