Persuasion, Jane Austen
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Author: Jane Austen

Narrator: Various


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Published: 02/04/2023


Persuasion is Jane Austen's final novel, written soon after she finished "Emma" and completed in August 1816. Sadly, she passed away in 1817 and the novel was published in December of that year, dated 1818. Persuasion is related to "Northanger Abbey" due to both being set in Bath and originally published together. The novel tackles the theme of persuasion and also highlights the Royal Navy, as two of Austen's brothers were admirals. Bath's superficial social life, which Austen was familiar with, is also portrayed. Persuasion departs from Austen's earlier works with its biting satire and regretful outlook, but ultimately emphasizes a more fulfilling life symbolized by the Navy. The protagonist Anne Elliot ultimately embraces this worldview by the end of the book.Chapter Start Times: 1-0:00, 2-15:10, 3-26:04, 4-40:53, 5-51:30, 6-1:08:52, 7-1:27:568-1:44:27, 9-2:01:14, 10-2:15:50, 11-2:35:52, 12-2:51:53, 13-3:19:45, 14-3:33:33, 15-3:46:01, 16-4:00:51, 17-4:13:47, 18-4:31:50, 19-4:51:33, 20-5:03:58, 21-5:22:1722-5:56:28, 23-6:25:48, 24-7:00:06