Out of the Ring, Wendy Dalrymple
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Out of the Ring
A Fight for Forbidden Love

Unabridged: 1 hr 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/20/2020


Georgia Harper never thought she would find herself competing as a fighter on the amateur MMA circuit. But after a scary encounter, Georgia is determined to take her protection into her own hands, and discovers martial arts along the way. What started as a quest for self-defense soon turns into a love for the high-intensity sport. What she didn’t bet on was falling in love with Phoenix Ferrera.Phoenix Ferrera is the reigning womens’ bantamweight MMA champion of the southeast, known as much for her powerful strikes as for her striking good looks. When newbie Georgia Harper joins her gym, Phoenix takes her under her wing and quickly realizes that the petite Southern blonde is a knockout in more ways than one. With regional fight tryouts on the horizon, Phoenix convinces Georgia to be her trainer, but struggles to convince herself to push her feelings to the side. Georgia can take a punch to the face or a knee to the gut, but being rejected by Phoenix is a blow that would put her down for the count. Georgia pushes herself to the ultimate limit to reach her goal in this forbidden love story that shows that finding love and fulfilling your dreams are always worth fighting for.