Neighborhood Watch 4, E.E. Isherwood
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Neighborhood Watch 4
After the EMP

Narrator: Kyle Tait

Unabridged: 10 hr 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/25/2023


The tempest of the EMP is here . . . But another storm is brewing. Frank has been able to guide his neighborhood watch along a narrow path between order and chaos, but most of his problems have been caused by people. Now, as the clouds darken over the Gulf of Mexico, Mother Nature is going to take a crack at him. The arrival of the storm has only one benefit; Frank can travel the empty roads and get things done. Using his newest off-road vehicle, a Mercedes Unimog 416, he probes North Pointe to find some missing allies. He also discovers new enemies in a troubled trailer park. But the biggest enemy of all remains time. There aren't enough hours to organize new people, expand his territory, and set up proper defenses. This gives opportunity to a small group of militia-types, who aren't big on the old laws. Is a hurricane coming? There are no weather reports, TV coverage, or app notifications, so who can say for sure? As the clock ticks down, and the massive storm comes in, all Frank's preparations are good for almost zilch against the new threat . . . This time, the ocean itself will test his community.