London Bridges, James Patterson
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London Bridges

Unabridged: 8 hr 8 min

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Published: 04/01/2005


In broad desert daylight, a mysterious platoon of soldiers evacuates the entire population of Sunrise Valley, Nevada. Minutes later, a huge bomb detonates a hundred feet above the ground and lays waste to homes, cars, and playgrounds: a town annihilated in an instant.Alex Cross is on vacation in San Francisco with his girlfriend, Jamilla Hughes, when he gets the call. The Russian supercriminal known as the Wolf claims responsibility for the blast.Major cities around the globe are threatened with total destruction. The Wolf has proven he can do it; the only question is, can anyone stop him in time? Surveillance film of the blast reveals the presence of another of Alex Cross' most dangerous enemies, the ruthless assassin known as the Weasel.World leaders have just four days to prevent an unimaginable cataclysm. Joining forces with Scotland Yard and Interpol, Alex fights his way through a torrent of false leads, impersonators, and foreign agents before he gets close to the heart of the crimes. Racing down the hairpin turns of the Riviera in the most unforgettable finale James Patterson has ever written, Alex Cross confronts the truth of the Wolf's identity, a revelation that even Cross himself may be unable to survive.

Author Bio

James Patterson is a world-renowned mystery writer that has dominated the New York Times Bestseller list for decades. In fact, he holds the New York Times AND Guinness records for most best-selling, hardcover, fiction titles by a single author, an astonishing accomplishment of 76! Patterson is possible best known for his Alex Cross series, which has held the top selling detective series for the past ten years. His books have sold approximately 300 million copies worldwide and he is the first author to achieve ten million eBook sales. There have been nine files - seven made for TV movies and three major motion pictures that were adapted from Patterson novels. Unlike many of his counterparts, Patterson is a fan of collaboration and works with several ghostwriters and co-authors to keep the mysteries coming for his demanding readers. While he has received his share of criticism for this practice, it hasn't mattered to his devoted following and as he continues to top the charts with each new release. In addition to adult novels, Patterson has recently become the bestselling author for the young adult and middle grade categories.

Patterson is also well known for his philanthropy. The James Patterson Teach Education Scholarship has been established to support the next generation of teachers at 19 different universities across the country. Patterson co-hosts a webcast with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. ONE ON ONE: Fundamentals with Dwyane Wade and James Patterson highlights the importance of reading for success in life. He also has a website dedicated to helping parents and educators ignite the reading spark in students. The website has specific book recommendations aimed towards the child's ability. also features book reviews, messages from James, a Facebook community, and contributions from other authors and celebrities that believe in the power of reading.

James Patterson was born March 22, 1947 in New York and graduated summa cum laude from Manhattan College with a B.A. in English, and summa cum laude from Vanderbilt University with an M.A. in English. He has won multiple awards for his work and has entertained and inspired millions. Patterson can occasionally be seen guest starring as himself on an episode on NBC's 'Castle'. He has a wife, Susan and a son, Jack an currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida.


AudiobooksNow review by John on 2007-05-24 18:42:07

Usually I really enjoy James Patterson but not this time. It was too difficult to get into and the subject and person changes were abrupt and not well transitioned. For the first time in a a long time I sent the book back without getting beyond the 2nd disc. Patience I have but this one was not for me.

AudiobooksNow review by Debby on 2007-06-04 17:20:38

I'm surprised by the previous reviewer who did not like this story. Of course, I have read every one of Patterson's books (thrillers only) and I have followed The Weasel and Alex Cross. I thought that this story was intriguing. The ending did get me a bit confused, but I thought that the storyline gave me the dose of mystery and intrigue that Patterson does so well. If you don't like thrillers, then I'd stick with his few non-thriller books.

AudiobooksNow review by Julie on 2009-06-09 00:45:37

This had me right at the beginning One of James Patterson's best book so far. I love the Alex Cross series and this one didn't disappoint me. I also like the person who reads the book. He is very easy to understand. Great book Julie

AudiobooksNow review by Amanda on 2011-05-16 11:10:18

I was so excited to read this book, because I had read the Big Bad Wolf. When I started reading this I immediately was turned off. I felt like it was so back and forth between the different countries and the identity of the killer changing. I felt like I was chasing the false killer until the end when the so called real killer is revealed. Then Alex Cross ends off with saying, I watched the Wolf die, at least I kept telling myself until I believed it. Horrible book. Wish I wouldnt have read it.