Lark, Emma Cole
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Part One of the Dark Duet

Author: Emma Cole

Unabridged: 6 hr 4 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/07/2022


Dark. Gritty. Taboo.~ Lark: Book One of the Dark Duet ~Broken-hearted and mortified after being dumped when she expected a proposal, Lark calls her best friend and roommate for a rescue.While waiting to be picked up, she ducks around the corner into the alley to gain her composure, unaware it will be the action that leads her into a trafficking syndicate.Kidnapped, along with her best friend, Lark wakes up to find herself in a cell with her friend, her ex, and her ex's partner.Forced to submit, or become casualties of circumstance, they stick together and comply—making the best they can out of a terrible situation.Stripped of all dignity and choice will Lark make it out alive? If she does, what will be left of her?*This is a reverse harem, whychoose, and fast burn, extra dark, and extra spicy with a guarunteed HEA. Mature audiences only - TW/CW include but are not limited to: non/dubcon, violence, gore, drug use, captivity, branding, torture, and other scenes that may not be suitable for all.**This audiobook is a Duet Narration