CBT for Social Anxiety, PhD Hofmann
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CBT for Social Anxiety
Simple Skills for Overcoming Fear and Enjoying People

Narrator: Tristan Morris

Unabridged: 5 hr 53 min

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Published: 07/18/2023


Do you avoid social situations? Do you dread public speaking? Would you rather stay in a job you hate than go through the interview process? If so, you may have social anxiety—and you aren't alone. People who struggle with social anxiety have an overwhelming fear of social situations. And as a result, could end up missing out on life's opportunities—such as getting their dream job, meeting new friends, or finding the perfect mate. If you're tired of social anxiety holding you back, this book can help. In CBT for Social Anxiety, you'll learn how to conquer your fears using research-proven skills from one of the world's leading CBT experts. In addition to overcoming avoidance of social situations through understanding how your social anxiety works, you'll also learn how to engage in "social mishap exposures"—humorous social scenarios that you practice on your own terms, as you learn to see how you're able to cope with your anxiety in the moment. As you gradually realize that your worst fears are unfounded, you'll gain the self-confidence needed to start really enjoying social interactions. Avoidance may lessen your social anxiety in the short-term, but it can actually make anxiety worse in the long run. Using the skills outlined in this book, you'll learn how to face your social anxiety head on—so you can get on with your life.