Billion Times No,  A, Kenzie Reed
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Billion Times No, A

Author: Kenzie Reed

Narrator: Natalie Eaton

Unabridged: 9 hr 6 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/27/2020


Working for Chase Lancaster was supposed to catapult my marketing career. Instead, Im trapped in personal-assistant hell. His hobbies include barking orders, torpedoing my advertising campaigns, and reducing the office staff to tears.On a good day, he acts like Im invisible. On a bad day, I remind myself arsenic is not an acceptable sweetener for coffee. And prison orange would be murder on my complexion.Imagine my surprise when Chase follows me home to Bitter End, North Carolina, where Im about to endure my ex-fiancs wedding.The moment he chases off my date and offers to pose as my boyfriend, I know he's got a hidden agendaespecially when he plays the part a little too convincingly. Unfortunately, I have to play along to find out what hes really up to.To satisfy the town gossip squad, Ill have to let him kiss me. Who knew Satans lips were so soft and inviting? And if were really playing the part, well have to go to Lovers Lanetesting my willpower beyond its limits.The more time we spend together outside the office, though, the more I see a different side of him. Hes still bossy and demanding, but is it wrong that I find it kind