A Crown of Cruel Lies, Lana Pecherczyk
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A Crown of Cruel Lies
Season of the Elf

Unabridged: 9 hr 5 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/17/2023


Fae can’t lie.That’s the golden rule woven into the people of Elphyne, but for deaf Elf Guardian Aeron, he knows this isn’t true. Lies are told between the lines, in misdirection, and in false hope.When he turns up at the Spring Court with his newfound, broken human mate in his arms, he learns the most cruelest lie of all. He is not who he thought he was. His whole life has been orchestrated… even this moment… even this new love burgeoning in his heart for a human enemy with more secrets than his own.Learning to trust and accept is hard for both of them, but with civil war on their doorstep, fae plotting to take them down, and the taint on the Well growing more dangerous, they have no choice but to try. Trust can only be found if they start from within.Only then will they know where their true enemies lie…Each interlinked trilogy features a different breed of fae. Each book features a different couple with a satisfying HEA. Start at the beginning for the best reading experience, or start at your favorite trilogy.