AudiobooksNow Adds Tantor Audio Titles to its Digital Audiobook Download and Streaming Service

With the addition of Tantor's extensive selection of popular titles, AudiobooksNow currently offer more than 17,000 premium audiobooks.

VIENNA, Va., July 25, 2013 (PRNewswire) - AudiobooksNow has added over 2,300 Tantor Audio titles to its digital audiobook download and streaming service. Tantor Audio is one of the leading independent audiobook publishers in the country and has an extensive catalog including Man Booker, Pulitzer, and National Book Award winners, as well as countless New York Times bestsellers.

"Tantor adds a wide selection of popular titles to our digital audiobook service," said Doug Ross, President and CEO. As AudiobooksNow's selection grows, so does its customer base. "It's amazing when we add a major publisher like Tantor. Sales for their titles start coming in within hours of posting them to our catalog," said Ross.

Tantor Audio offers unabridged titles that span a range of genres. Classics and Romance stand among the company's most popular downloads. Romantic fiction is Tantor's fastest growing genre and the bestselling in downloads. This is in part due to the many interesting subgenres, like paranormal, historical, contemporary, and Highlander. Above all, what separates Tantor from other audiobook companies is their high-quality audio at affordable prices.

Some of Tantor's recent award winners from the 2013 Audies granted by the Audio Publishers Association are "The Seamstress" by Sara Tuvel Bernstein, Louise Loots Thornton, and Marlene Bernstein Samuels in Biography/Memoir, "The Wrecking Crew" by Kent Hartman in History, "Breasts" by Florence Williams in Non-Fiction, and "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff in Personal Development.

With the addition of Tantor's titles, AudiobooksNow currently offers over 17,000 premium audiobooks. This makes 88% of AudiobooksNow's 17,000 titles DRM-free, which gives consumers greater flexibility to transfer their audiobook purchases to multiple devices for personal use. DRM (Digital Rights Management) is required on some audiobooks, restricting consumers from transferring the audiobooks. AudiobooksNow has dramatically lessened the inconvenience of DRM by allowing customers to download their audiobook purchases to multiple devices through their secure apps, or stream them from the website.