Your Dreams Dont Die... They Haunt Y..., Heidi Easley
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Your Dreams Don't Die... They Haunt You
Lessons from a Millionaire Entrepreneur

Author: Heidi Easley

Unabridged: 3 hr 16 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/08/2024


Imagine wanting so much from life but being unable to move forward due to fear: fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of being seen. In this book you will learn lessons I wish I had known years earlier. Through takeaways at the end of each section, I will guide you on how to act through fear to create the life you desire. From bankruptcy to becoming a Million Dollar Business Owner, this book is for those who DREAM BIG and are ready to act through fear to shape their future. I recommend grabbing your favorite pen and preparing to jot down takeaways. This book is for you if you're seeking happiness and a roadmap to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from pursuing the life you desire. It is also for you if you are creative and struggling to find confidence in yourself. Let's dream big and act through fear to achieve the life you want!