When She Disappeared, Steph Mullin
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When She Disappeared

Narrator: Laurence Bouvard

Unabridged: 12 hr 28 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Harper UK

Published: 03/03/2022


‘On May 26, 2004, Jessie Germaine rode her bike into the forest and disappeared…into thin air.’ Margo hasn’t been back to Lake Moss since her friend went missing. But as she returns, the news breaks. Her hometown’s swimming hole has been Jessie’s grave for fifteen years. Digging out her old diary, and steeling herself to face unfriendly ghosts from her past, Margo sets out to help a documentary crew as they return to investigate the infamous case the police bungled. In a town where everyone knows everyone, the killer is certain to be close to home. But the question is: How close? ––––––––––––––––– “The ending…now that's what I want to talk about. Totally unexpected, for a moment! Will keep you up all night” Reader Review ????? “, with a that the most seasoned reader won’t see coming!” “An absolutely amazing thriller . I could not stop reading and ended up finishing it in a day” Reader Review ????? “A cleverly plotted, fast-paced whodunnit that will have you suspecting literally everyone. until the ” “I this book. Just when you think you have it figured out, the twist at the end will shock you” Reader Review ????? “Wow! This is an ending I did not see coming. truly provides one of those . A thrilling read!” “Very fast paced, had me turning pages as I tore through it – I had to see how it would end. !” Reader Review ????? “Creepy, tense, and utterly gripping. I of this hypnotizing, unpredictable thriller”