When Angels Lie, Joseph Nuckols
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When Angels Lie

Narrator: Joseph Nuckols

Unabridged: 6 hr 54 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/26/2012


Wynn Truman is a good guy with a big problem. Hes in the personal-development and positive-thinking business but has a negative attitudeespecially about organized religion. Wynn is in for a wild ride. Edgy twists and spellbinding writing drive the storys fast pace. Legends and dreams nearly drive Wynn over the edge. The journey to find his message and passion is haunted by Lilith, who comes to him in both physical and psychic formsbut Lilith is not the only one: Wynn is promised to have at least seven visitors. On his path he learns from new-thought masters such as Emerson and Carl Jung. Jung particularly catches Wynns interest with his explanation of animas, women who visit mens dreams to either lead them or distract them. To make matters worse, a youthful competitor manipulates events to drive Wynn to ruin, push him aside, and take over his position as front man for the main event, the international motivational superstar John Christopher. An old man who goes by the name Keeper continues to show up with answers and push Wynns buttons. He tells Wynn that Native American spirit guides are all over him to lead him in his true mission in life. Wynns dilemma is to find out which angels are lying and which, if any, are telling him the truth. Deception crumbles the John Christopher empire. The loss of career, mission, and purpose leads both men to consider suicide as the only escapeone may even act on the impulse. Throughout the turmoil, Wynns strong wife stands by him, through one deception after another, until a new message is formed that will become his destinya message of unconditional love, revealed only after testing ancient religions, new age spirituality, and the confusion of disbelievers.