War Crown, Elizabeth Brown
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War Crown
Blood Crown Trilogy Book 2

Unabridged: 7 hr 25 min

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Published: 01/06/2023


Ashera, the first queen Dunya has ever seen, is believed to be dead. A public announcement when the King of Qamar is beheaded offers a direct challenge to those responsible. Further, a declaration by the new joint rulers of Qamar—Winta and Thorne, her newest mates and both powerful shifters—not only confirms Ashera’s death but also thrusts her four mates into the spotlight.Malachi, the former incubus assassin turned general turned king. He’s the de facto alpha of Ashera’s mates and has stepped into the role of ruler of Shaytan with the promise of vengeance, bloodshed, and no prisoners.Jacobi, the angel king who is now questioning his place. Afterall, he has an older sister. Shouldn’t she have been given the chance to rule Malak? Should she be given the chance now?Caspian, arrogant fae prince who needed to be reminded that he’s no better than anyone else. Frankly, in most people’s minds, he’s worse than everyone else.Ambrose, the vampire prince betrayed by his father. He’s not interested in hearing why his father lied to him for centuries; he’s only interested in killing that bastard slowly.All four have now openly challenged the resistance, vowing to put an end to them and their reign of terror no matter the cost.King Judah of Sahira makes his displeasure of this alliance between Qamar and Ashera’s mates known. This can only mean one thing—war has come for the kingdoms of Dunya.A war that will see kings fall while queens rise.A war that challenges the very foundation of each kingdom’s morals.A war that was started by men, but will be ended by women.Ashera needs to win this war, navigate her new powers, and learn how to manage her growing harem of alphas. But if there’s one thing this succubus queen isn’t afraid of, it’s putting men in their place.~*~*~ There is FF and MM in this book. This is a FAST BURN why choose. ~*~*~