Wannabe Heir, Kim Karr
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Wannabe Heir

Author: Kim Karr

Series: Royals

Narrator: Hamish Long

Unabridged: 6 hr 1 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/16/2019

Category: Fiction


The last time I saw my brothers foe, he was getting punched in the nose for bedding my brothers girlwho wasnt really my brothers girl. Now hes on his knees, looking up at me, and I cant help but smile. When the sinfully sexy man says hello, I say hello back. Its the right thing to do after all. But when he asks me to take a ride with him, I know I should refuse. Fresh out of a messy breakup, Im not looking for anything but fun. So when he tells me that fun is his middle name and where hes headed, I sign up for the ride. Besides, it isnt like I havent heard all the rumors about himthat hes a legendary lover, gives the best orgasms of any girls life, loves them and then leaves themso I figure why not. What my brother doesnt know wont hurt him, and a rebound fling might be just what I need. Its what I dont know, though, that I should be worried aboutthat one kiss will give me butterflies, that two touches will set my blood on fire, that three nights will make me want him forever. Not forgetting that Im not looking for more is difficult, but remembering he isnt a forever kind of guy might just break me. My brothers foe has a nameits Prince Spencer Lexingtonand this is our story.