Unreasonable Ambition, Vanessa Vershaw
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Unreasonable Ambition

Narrator: Vanessa Vershaw

Unabridged: 7 hr 37 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/23/2024


Unreasonable Ambition helps people do Extraordinary Things.A tornado of change has descended. Leaders must navigate the unknown, armed only with an outdated roadmap, bad intel and obsolete operating systems.Some leaders thrive on the edge of this precipice, while others fall into the abyss. What is it that makes the difference?It's unreasonable ambition.Ambition is a primal drive that, when acted upon, fuels you to overcome fear and doubt. To resist ambition's inner calling is to live a life that is less than you are capable of. Yet ambition alone is not enough. You must also be unreasonable. It's about renegade thinking for big and beyond.Unreasonable ambition is having a supreme belief in your capability to achieve the impossible, driven by a higher purpose. This book is a call to access the greatness inside you that is waiting to be unleashed. It's then that you can live with unreasonable ambition, and become the entrepreneur of your own life.Created as a handbook for current and emerging leaders readers will walk away with a new perspective and toolkit to face the revolutionary era we are living in. Written for modern-day corporate leaders this book will:1. Reveal the secrets to building an unreasonably ambitious mindset.2. Teach you how to awaken your full potential ('the sleeping giant within') and ignite your inner hero.3. Show you how to take the steering wheel back and become the entrepreneur of your own life.4. Provide a proven methodology to adapt and thrive no matter the conditions.5. Equip you with practical tools, strategies and mind hacks to tap into the power, resilience and courage you have within you to create the life you want. Because success is a choice