Thotan New Mythology, Thomas Williams
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Thotan New Mythology

Narrator: J. Ball

Unabridged: 4 hr 52 min

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Published: 05/15/2024


During an age of ancient Egyptian mythology in the city of Memphis, Egypt, the Egyptians worshipped a pantheon of gods including Osiris, Ra, Anubis and Horus. The Egyptian priests and mystics were very advanced in the ancient religion and mystical arts. They designed, architected, and built temples, pylons, palaces, sphinx, and pyramids. All ancient mystical weapons and artifacts were created by the priests and mystics. They were the seers, healers, and wizards of Egypt. Thotan was a member of a highly honored family of warriors, priests, and wizards. He was born in Egypt, but his family originated from a southern region in Africa. Thotan was the Master priest of the temple of Osiris and a wizard in the royal court of the pharaoh. These are the adventures of Thotan and new mythology.