The Street, Susi Holliday
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The Street

Author: Susi Holliday

Narrator: Imogen Church

Unabridged: 9 hr 53 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/06/2023


“Susi Holliday is one of our best and most original creators of tense and twisty tales . . . Nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted in this brilliant page-turner.” —Ian Rankin“Tense and twisty as all hell.” —Mark Billingham“Tense, creepy and utterly brilliant…” —Jenny Blackhurst, author of The Hiking Path“A brilliant concept, superbly executed. Susi Holliday is a master of her craft.” —Marion Todd, author of A Blind Eye“On this street, lock your doors, whisper your secrets, and don’t trust anyone. Compulsive, clever and I couldn’t put it down.” —Louise Swanson, author of End of StoryTheir neighbours welcomed them with open arms. Now they’ve vanished without a trace.Anna and Peter desperately need to escape London for a fresh start. And they’ve found just the place: a perfect house on a perfect street in a perfect new development on the Scottish coast. But before they’ve even unpacked, they discover that the community they’ve moved into might be keeping secrets of its own…Eager to fit in, Anna and Peter spend their first evening with their new neighbours, a couple who turn up on their doorstep to welcome them with open arms. But when Anna pops over the next morning to thank them for their hospitality, there’s no answer. The house is bare and unoccupied, and the neighbours have vanished without a trace. What’s more, everybody else on the street is convinced that no one ever lived there at all.As she battles a growing obsession with the mystery, Anna finds herself becoming increasingly paranoid. She thought she’d escaped her own troubled past, but as the truth catches up with her, life starts to unravel. Maybe she’s not the only resident of The Street with something to hide…