The Soul Sacrifice, Megan Linski
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The Soul Sacrifice

Unabridged: 24 hr 35 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/20/2021


Fire and Water make the ultimate sacrifice.SophiaThe final battle has arrived. We’re prepared to face the Elders, but we can’t do it without the Azaimperiai. The ancient artifact will summon the ancestors to fight beside us. It’s our only hope at winning this war.But first, we must find the Familiars the Elders stole— before they can slaughter them and kill our people. We’ve finally discovered the true meaning of the prophecy, but it’s nothing like we expected.The prophecy says I’ll lose my life to save the tribe. Nothing could ever prepare me for leaving my daughter behind.LiamAt the end of the world, things have never looked better just as they’re falling apart.My daughter gives me hope for the future, but there won’t be a future for her if the Elders continue to rule. To defeat them, we have to make a last stand. The fate of the Hawkei will be determined in the greatest battle of our time. If the rebellion falls, our people will be lost forever— as well as our magical creatures.Yet the prophecy is clear. To prevent the Elementai from going extinct, a sacrifice must be made. Sophia and I have to choose between saving our tribe... or saving our family.