The Silverlight Heir, Emma Cole
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The Silverlight Heir

Author: Emma Cole

Unabridged: 6 hr 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/05/2023


A secret girl, the Silverlight Heir,Tainted from birth, beyond repair.Fated mates, yet cast aside,Twisted bonds, a rival's bride.Stella has been hidden away from supernatural society, sequestered in her wolf shifter pack as a half-breed dhampir orphan, the knowledge of her existence hoarded for a chance at her untapped power.An accidental meeting with her mate exposes the secret and sets her on a dark path of pain and betrayal foretold by a prophecy the wolf elders have kept to themselves. Hidden agendas, political intrigue, and a desperate bid at freedom conspire against Stella at every turn.When it appears that she'll fall to the same circumstances that left her an orphan, fate gives her a new avenue of hope. But she'll have to be strong enough to grab onto it to pull herself from the pit of despair her unfaithful mate has cast her into.What happens when a girl who has been oppressed, reviled, called an abomination and treated worse rises up to take destiny into her own hands?Find out in The Silverlight Heir, the first book of the Dominion Series.Mature Audiences Only/18+ - Content is not suitable for all audiences and includes but is not limited to: Violence, gore, DC/NC, pregnancy (not FMC), etc.