The Red House Mystery, A. A. Milne
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The Red House Mystery

Author: A. A. Milne

Unabridged: 2 min

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Published: 03/28/2012


Like all really nice people, you have a weakness for detective storiesThe least that I can do is write you one. So wrote A. A. Milne to his father, to whom he dedicated this delectable mystery. Mark Abletts stately mansion, the Red House, is filled with very proper guests when his most improper brother returns from Australia. The prodigal brother enters Marks study, the parlor maid hears arguing, and the brother diesrather suddenly, with a bullet between his eyes. The study is locked from the inside, and Mark is missing! Investigating the crime is wealthy Antony Gillingham, who rivals Sherlock Holmes in his remarkable powers of observation. He is aided by his friend, Bill Beverley, a cheerful young man in white flannels. Echoes of Christopher Robin and his friends chime nostalgically throughout this charming classic of detection!