The Privilege, Dag HewardMills
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The Privilege

Narrator: Rupert Farley

Unabridged: 1 hr 26 min

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Published: 06/06/2022


The ministry of Jesus Christ is not a burden. It is a privilege!A privilege is a right or benefit given to some people and not to others.A privilege is a special advantage that is not enjoyed by everyone.A privilege is a benefit enjoyed only by certain people.Serving God's people will always be a privilege. There is no greater honour and no greater privilege than to become a servant of the Most High God!When God called you to be a shepherd, He was giving you a special advantage that is not experienced by many people.Learn more about the privilege of becoming a servant of God, through this refreshing book by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, author of the best-selling series on Loyalty and Disloyalty.