The Far Hope Collection, Sierra Simone
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The Far Hope Collection

Author: Sierra Simone

Unabridged: 12 hr 24 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Sierra Simone

Published: 02/08/2024


No law but pleasure.No limit but acquiescence.No rule but secrecy.Welcome to the world of Far Hope, where wicked deeds rule the night and dangerous lovers wait in the shadows.  This bundle of morally gray historical romances includes:The Chasing of Eleanor Vane, narrated by Shane East and Evelyn Rose:Ajax Dartham, the Duke of Jarrell, has a problem.  And that problem is his future niece-in-law.  When the clever and capable Lady Eleanor Vane runs off into the night rather than marry his nephew, the duke has a choice.  Should he catch Eleanor and return her to her fate—or make Eleanor his own instead?The Last Crimes of Peregrine Hind, narrated by Shane East and James Joseph:Peregrine Hind, known to all as the bloodiest highwayman ever to bedevil the road, seeks only one thing—revenge against the Dartham family.  And so when a robbery sends the second Dartham son and notorious rakehell Alexander Dartham tumbling to Peregrine’s feet, it seems like fate has given Peregrine his vengeance at last.  Except then Alexander offers him a desperate bargain: to kidnap him instead…The Conquering of Tate the Pious, narrated by Christy Woods and Faye Adele:England is burning with Norman fires, and Tate—the youngest ever abbess of Far Hope Abbey—is determined to guard the abbey’s ancient secrets with her very life. But the Norman warlord who appears at her gates is not a man, but a cruel and beautiful woman, and it soon becomes clear that she has her eyes set on more than the gold and silver.  She wants the abbess too…