The Commentaries of Living Immortals, Martin K. Ettington
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The Commentaries of Living Immortals

Unabridged: 6 hr 36 min

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Published: 01/24/2018


This is a book about living immortals in their own words. People who are hundreds if not thousands of years old and living in our world today.Their commentaries come from a discussion board I have been using for a couple of years to market my earlier book:Physical Immortality: A History and How to GuideThere are over twelve distinct immortal personalities who posted on this board and they all have different perspectives on their lives as immortals.One of the main charactors on the site said this about the immortals:“I have met over 170 other immortals dating from 20,000 years old to 110 years old, from around Earth. Gods are in another league. I have met 15 Gods/Godesses …. most are norce/celtic Gods.”“There is at least 2000 of us out of your 7billion humans doing the exact same as me ie jobs/names some still hide in mountans and forests.” Do I believe all of this? I do have some skepticism, but even if it’s not true it is a great story. If true—it is one of the greatest revelations of all time.