The 369 Method Bible, D. Kobayashi
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The 369 Method Bible
Understand How to Attract the Energy of the Universe and Use it to Achieve Your Goals

Author: D. Kobayashi

Narrator: Dona Jackson

Unabridged: 5 hr 17 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/28/2022

Includes: Bonus Material Bonus Material Included


THE DEFINITIVE EDITION FOR BEGINNERS ABOUT THE 369 METHOD! +600 AFFIRMATIONSHave you ever noticed that some people seem to be handed all the opportunities or seem to be incredibly lucky, always getting what they want and need without seeming to try? Have you also noticed that there are some people who seem to attract bad luck and never seem to catch a break? Maybe you feel that one of these describes you, and if you do, you are not alone.People everywhere feel like they are missing their potential by being unable to get the opportunities that they need. The 369 Method uses the Law of Attraction to show you how to make the reality you want using the powers of your own mind. The Law of Attraction is often used by spiritual people, but the realm of quantum physics also shows that it is a scientific idea that explains the construction of reality and our universe. Therefore, the Law of Attractions has a special quality of connecting the spiritual and the scientific.Including in this updated edition:The Law of Attraction: You are the Creator of Your RealitySigns, Frequencies, and Vibrations of the UniverseAngel Numbers and Signs: Learn How to Use Them to Your AdvantageScience & Math of the Attraction: The Quantum EntanglementMost Useful Daily Techniques of the 369 Method+ 600 affirmations about love, money and grattitudeAnd much more!Download the audiobook now to get a pdf with all the 600+ affirmations needed to put the 369 Method into practice.