Surrendering Saul, Holley Trent
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Surrendering Saul
Fated & Forbidden

Author: Holley Trent

Narrator: Pyper Down

Unabridged: 4 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Holley Trent

Published: 10/20/2017


If Saul Ade had known that stepping into his sister’s life would make him a player in the goddess Allendra’s unforgiving game, he would have never left the shadows. If he doesn’t accept the mate she has chosen for him by the rise of the next blood moon, the Sidhe will become human. Unfortunately, the woman he must make his love is a mermaid who once tried to drown his sister’s human best friend. If he’d wanted a mate at all, reckless Laurel O’Cuilinn wouldn’t be it.Laurel’s devastated to learn that Saul would rather cede Allendra’s challenge than to be with her, but she’s too practical to sulk. Four weeks isn’t much time to make Saul cast aside his grudges, and she’ll do what she must to help the Sidhe retain their magic—even if it means turning on some of the mermaid charm her fated mate finds so repugnant.Allendra’s not the only one who can play games. But unlike the goddess, Laurel plans to play for love—not with it.Surrendering Saul is a Hearth Motel series tie-in story written as part of the Fated & Forbidden multi-author collection!