Summary The Menopause Reset, Alice Moore
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Summary: The Menopause Reset
Get Rid of Your Symptoms and Feel Like Your Younger Self Again

Narrator: VL Cole

Unabridged: 1 hr 22 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/29/2024

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Press the reset button and choose to thrive during the madness of menopause with this summary guide that will show you how!While menopause might seem like a well-deserved reprieve from decades of Aunt Flo, it often unfolds as a maze—spontaneous symptoms, erratic emotions, sleepless and anxiety-filled nights—with no end in sight. Sex hormone levels plummet, you're demoralized and exhausted, and the pounds are packing on as your patience wears thin. But this doesn't have to be your fate.Wellness expert Dr. Mindy Pelz was in the same boat, but years of research and experience afforded her the knowledge and insight to get her health back on track. Now, she's extending a helping hand to others with her book, The Menopause Reset.In Summary: The Menopause Reset, you'll find:To-the-point chapter summaries (conveniently divided into subsections), each with a list of main takeaways.The five steps to turning your health around.What and how to eat before, during, and after menopause.The three chemical groups holding back your health—and how to detox them.Seven different fasts to help you boost results.How to bring your hormones back in sync.Six pointers on calming a busy schedule.The secrets to preserving your youthfulness.Effective ways to repair and feed your microbiome.A bonus chapter: Getting the elusive good night's sleep in menopause.A menstrual cycle tracker that you can download and print at home!And much more!Don't wait for symptoms to consume you; dive right into the practical answers condensed in this audiobook summary and equip yourself with tested-and-proven strategies to take back the reins of your health.