Succession, Michael J Beashel
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The Australian Sandstone Series

Unabridged: 10 hr 43 min

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Published: 04/30/2024


In the late 19th century Sydney, a captivating drama involves amidst the cutthroat world of building barons, reminiscent of ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and Patricia Shaw’s ‘A Cross of Stars’. At its heart is the towering ambition of Leary Contracting entrusted with the monumental task of erecting Sydney’s tallest hotel the awe-inspiring Imperial.
John Leary, a man of 55 years, leads his construction empire with an iron grip and is not alone in this endeavour. His two sons play pivotal roles in the family business, but it is his firstborn charismatic yet unpredictable Richard who basks in his father’s favour in stark contrast to Brendan, Richard’s half-brother who has the respect of Leary’s hard-working site men because he seems to have mortar running through his veins. As John tackles the colossal hotel project, he must navigate a labyrinth of bureaucratic red tape and withstand the relentless assault of his fiercest rival. The Imperial, a towering behemoth casts its shadow over the city while an array of tireless workers toils relentlessly to meet the unforgiving deadlines. Richard with his charm and capriciousness weds into high society dazzling the elite of 1885 Sydney while Brendan’s resilience shines when the demands of genuine love arise. John faces an agonising choice as he contemplates the future of Leary’s with only one of his sons fit to lead the family dynasty into the new century. It is only upon the completion of the Imperial that he makes his momentous decision.
Succession stands as the third instalment in the Australian Sandstone Series; an evocative journey through the 19th century Sydney narrated from the gritty ground up.