Procrastinate, Bradley Charbonneau
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Put It Off Yet Again, Maybe Do Some More Laundry, and Put the "PRO" in Procrastinate

Unabridged: 44 min

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Published: 09/17/2023


"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." – Mark Twain Feeling overwhelmed by the "Just Do It!" and "Get It Done!" mindset?Is your secret whisper more like, "What if I just don't do it?" Then this book is for you!What you'll discover in this book: Learn to feel good about not getting it done–ever!Discover Passive Income Strategies based on the Procrastination Movement (see "To Do Lists")Create new calendars that (finally!) have days like "Someday" and "Never" And so much more! Finally a book that rewards laundry, binge watching, and really getting those shower tiles to sparkle. Let's put the PRO in procrastinate!  Grab your copy tomorrow! Seriously, what's the rush?It'll be there the next day, too. See, you're learning already! Become a PRO Procrastinator tomorrow! Author's Note: This is Book #1 in the "Impossible Series: A Parody of S(h)elf Help." It's a humorous play on the "Repossible" Series (a 14-book collection of personal transformation) as a result of the "Book in a Weekend" challenge which uses Improv Comedy techniques to take the book you really want to write and to first … write the opposite book.