Paul Joseph Goebbels, Kelly Mass
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Paul Joseph Goebbels
Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich

Author: Kelly Mass

Narrator: Chris Newman

Unabridged: 59 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Efalon Acies

Published: 02/20/2022


There are doers and there are preachers. The people who were executing orders or abusing people in World War 2 wouldn’t have been able to commit any atrocities if the country hadn’t warmed up to an inhumane narrative. That’s where propaganda came in. Propaganda has long been part of various countries and societies to make the population believe something, and to find culprits, create feelings of animosity, and glorify local leaders or military campaigns. In World War 2, it was obviously used to promote the supposed inferiority of the Jewish race and convince a big part of the German population that they were better off dead. Goebbels was one of those brainwashers who advocated that narrative with propaganda material in the media.From 1933 through 1945, Paul Joseph Goebbels functioned as the Gauleiter (district head) of Berlin, the Nazi Party's senior propagandist, and the Reich Minister of Propaganda. He was another one of Adolf Hitler's closest and most dedicated acolytes, acknowledged for his public speaking capabilities and his extreme antisemitism, which he often uttered. He promoted for gradually even worse discrimination, including but not limited to the Holocaust's killing of Jews.What led to all this? How did he become so good at it? Why was he so fanatic? And what did he do that led to the terrible acts during the Holocaust others committed against the Jews in Europe?Read about it or listen to an audio version of this book to find out what made Joseph Goebbels gruesomely unique in his lies.