No Touch Zone, G.K. Brady
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No Touch Zone
A Single Dad Sports Romance

Author: G.K. Brady

Unabridged: 11 hr 40 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/08/2023


What starts as a game ends with two hearts on the line. Dana “Mac” McPherson lands in Denver as a backup goalie, and he’s not happy. Not only is his new job a step down, but he’s a widowed single dad uprooting his two young children from the only home they’ve ever known. But the move is a chance to hit the reset button and recapture his reputation as a ladies’ man. His first target? Mia Morales, the beauty helping him find his new house.With a family and job in chaos, Mia doesn’t need another twist in her already complicated life—like her hunky new client. Mac isn’t just a twist: he’s a huge wrinkle she needs to keep in the client zone. But fate has a funny way of upending plans and continually throws the two together. When their attraction becomes too big to deny, Mac’s determined mother-in-law steps in with her own agenda. Will Mac and Mia be able to skate to their happily-ever-after, or will they be stopped cold at the goal line?