NLP Sales Techniques, George Morrison
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NLP Sales Techniques

Narrator: Peter Roman

Unabridged: 1 hr 44 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/05/2020


What if you could make the sale every single time?How would it change your life and career to be able to sell to every single client, no matter who they are? Think it's impossible? Think again.Most salespeople are playing the game with a shotgun approach. They use the same, cookie-cutter tactics with every prospective client. And every once in a while they have a bit of success.The funniest part? They think they're skilled sales people.But what if you could find a system that let you make a sale every single time? What if you knew the exact "buy triggers" for every type of person in mere seconds?The secret lies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.Inside this book, you'll discover the fundamentals of NLP and find out exactly how you can use this powerful psychological tactic to revolutionize your role as a salesperson. You'll learn how to instantlybuild rapport and make people trust you, and discover how to take charge of conversations to supercharge your persuasive ability.Here's what you'll learn inside: - Rapport Building - How to Become Your Buyer's Best Friend- How to Use Mirroring to Immediately Put Your Buyer at Ease- The Secret to Skyrocketing Your Persuasion with Adjacency Pairs and Presuppositions- Taking Control of Conversations and Guiding Buyers with Subconscious Cues- The Magic of Eye Cues, and Why They're so Effective- Overcoming Objections and Securing the Sale- And Much More!So don't put up with ineffective tactics and let buyers slip through your fingers. It's time to master the persuasive art of NLP and uncover the secrets that the best salespeople aren't telling you.